Key Adavantages of Preventive Maintenance

Hypertherm Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance TechnicianYour Hypertherm plasma system is a precision machine with moving parts that require regular service. By performing regular
preventive maintenance, you can extend the life of consumable parts, reduce down time, optimize performance and minimize operating costs.

Effective preventive maintenance involves an ongoing process of daily, weekly, monthly and annual checks. It’s a simple fact that high stress or moving parts like torches, main contactors, relays and coolant require change-outs. Replace them on your schedule and get the most out of your mechanized system.


Plan for preventive maintenance in advance and experience these benefits:

  • Reduce downtime to lower the overall cost of cutting metal
  • Extend consumable life, optimize performance through regular system “tune-ups”
  • Ensure optimal operation; increase output and cut quality
  • Cut unplanned repairs; execute scheduled maintenance on an “off shift”
  • Eliminate costly labor for emergency repairs; keep things running smoothly
  • Avoid expensive expedited shipping charges; buy parts on a schedule
  • Rule out “added component” costs where simple failures lead to big problems


For more information on preventive maintenance, check out Arc Solutions, Inc.'s Preventive Maintenance Program

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